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Warranty Information
ceiTech Solutions Product and Services Warranty Information.
    ceiTech Solutions Standard Warranty Policy for Products.
  All products purchased are covered by a 30 day money back or no cost replacement guarantee from the date purchased for defects* or products dead on arrival. Defective or DOA products are replaced or returned at no cost to the purchaser except where shipping may apply. If you, the purchaser, choose not to receive a replacement product, your funds will be refunded to you within 2 weeks (14 business days). If you choose to receive a replacement, your product will be available for pickup, delivery or installation as soon as the replacement arrives in our shop and you can deliver the defective product to us.
    ceiTech Solutions Standard Warranty Policy for Services.
  There is a 60 day guarantee on all services rendered in the shop or on-site from the date the service call was completed, except for virus removal*. If by chance, the original service call did not resolve the issue, we will make a second attempt at no charge, for a period not to exceed 3 hours. At the time of the second attempt, if we find that the issue cannot be resolved without additional hardware, re-installation of OS or software etc, then that service ticket will be closed and a new one opened. Charges will then start with the new service ticket.
    ceiTech Solutions Extended Warranty Policy for Products.
  ceiTech Solutions covers all new products purchased from us for 2 years from the date it was purchased. The coverage includes only the actual hardware (computer, monitor, keyboard, etc) from defects or failures beyond the exchange date of 30 days. It does not cover in any way the installation of the Operating System, installed software, or setup. If failure occurs during this warranty period, the defective part will be replaced free of charge with a part that is either the same, if available, or a similar product, if the original is no longer available. The only fees that may apply are shipping charges. Installation fees will be covered. Used or rebuild computers are not covered in any way, shape or form beyond 30 days.
    Manufacturer Specific Warranty Information.
  ceiTech Solutions warranty as stated in this document, does not in any way supersede the manufacturer warranty. That is; If the manufacturer's warranty for a specific part not installed is less then 2 years, ceiTech Solutions warranty will expire with the manufacturer's warranty.

If the manufacturer warranty is longer then ceiTech Solutions warranty, we can handle the negotiations with the manufacturer to expedite the replacement, but since this warranty has surpassed ceiTech Solutions' warranty, there will be service fees and/or shipping fees for re-installation into your case or setup etc.
    Coverage During Extended Warranty Service.
  ceiTech Solutions provides a loner computer to those who purchased their computer from ceiTech Solutions during extended repair. If the repair services are estimated to be longer then 3 days, you the customer, can request a loner computer so you can continue to function in the absence of your system. In order to pick up your repaired system, the loner computer must be returned at the time of pickup.
  * Definition of a defective product.
  A defective product is one that does not fully function to manufactures specs or does not function at all. Products that have been damaged during customer delivery to their home are not covered. Products that have been obviously damaged by the customer will void the warranty, and any repairs costs will be charged to the customer. Part failure due to negligence, such as clogged heat sinks etc, also void the warranty. Any repairs costs will be charged to the customer. Products that have been damaged by the customer can be sent back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement at the expense of the customer and at the cost the manufacturer defines. Computers purchased from ceiTech Solutions, should be taken here for repair, and any repairs costs will be charged to the customer.
Your Data - The safety your data is one of our highest priorities and we use the utter most care and effort to safeguard or recover it, but during a hard drive failure, there are times when your data may not be recoverable. In these cases, you will be informed as soon as we find out, and we will help you restore what ever data possible from your backups.
Virus Removal - Unfortunately we cannot guarantee virus removal because of the resistance to removal and pervasiveness of viruses and user habits (browsing sites that contain viruses, or user installed software such as Lime-Wire and torrent sites that establish open shares over the internet which may contain viruses). A virus is defined on this page as any software that is considered to either compromise the users data or the operating system or any user or system integrator installed software. This includes but is not limited to: traditional virus, trojans, worms, hijackers, spyware, malware, and any other malicious software.
Purchase Agreement - By purchasing any product or service from ceiTech Solutions, you explicitly agree to this warranty agreement in its entirety, and any amendments that may be added to it in the future. It is your responsibility (the customer) to read it and understand it.
Call 410-271-5968 or email us at for warranty info!

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